My name is Krizzia Scollon. I was born and raised in the Philippines and migrated to Edmonton, Canada in 2015. During my puberty years, I struggled on body image and had low self esteem. It was 2014 when I got introduced to the body positivity movement. I was inspired by plus size women who fought against body shaming. From that moment on, I started to love my body and embrace my flaws and imperfections.

my advocacy on body positivity

I’ve been promoting body positivity for so many years now, but to say that I don’t get insecure anymore is a lie. I am currently at my heaviest and there are times when I struggle. There are days when I hate looking at myself in the mirror. There are mornings when I get hurt from comments about my weight gain. At this point you may ask, why do I consider myself as “body positive” if I still get insecure? Well it’s because being body positive is not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be a process.

It’s not about the times you hated yourself, but the times you’ve chosen to love yourself despite your imperfections. It doesn’t mean numbing yourself to what others say or think of you. It means knowing that you are beyond any label. To be body positive is to struggle. To be body positive is to never give up.


This blog is not only for plus size women. This blog is for women who are in the process of building their confidence. Whether it’s about expressing yourself through fashion and style, following your dreams or loving your body, this blog is created with only one simple goal-- to inspire you to be confident in every aspect of your life.  I want to be there as you work towards a happier and a more contented life.

Cheers to you and the better you!

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