4 Types Of Bags Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

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We, girls, all have something in common--- we can’t leave (and live) without our bags. I bring, literally, everything and the thought of going outside without a bag already makes me feel.. empty lol. As time goes by, bag shopping gets more and more overwhelming. Bags are now categorized and subcategorized which makes it harder for us to know what works and what doesn’t. As for me though, there are only 4 types of bags you’ll need in your wardrobe to survive any occasion.. and I’ve listed it all below.

Tote Bags

Every woman needs a tote bag in their wardrobe because we are always on the go. As what I’ve mentioned a while ago, we are used to bringing almost everything we own, wherever we go. That’s what makes tote bags as the perfect everyday bag— especially when going to work. First, it has tons of space and compartments inside. You can fit everything you need for the day and still have room for more. You can even store your laptop safely or maybe documents for an important presentation without getting folded or crumpled.

If you think that tote bags are only great for work, then I would like to prove you wrong. Tote bags, are in fact, very versatile. It can be used for shopping, for school, for travel and depending on the style of your tote, it can also be used for formal occasions. Plus, it’s durable and a great investment that can last a long time.


A “Fun Bag”

We need a little fun in our life and that doesn’t the bags that we use. I always believe that whenever we wear basic items, we have to incorporate something that adds fun to our style—- like a pop of color. These kinds of bags are my go-to whenever I feel so lazy to dress up or if I want to be a little extra and dress up a basic outfit. Although these bags are more of a casual or a night-out bag, I still think that every girl needs to have at least one “fun bag” because it shows your fun and quirky side and will definitely make you stand out.


Crossbody Bag

Summer is the time for exciting activities, music festivals, picnics and campings. We try to be more active and walk a lot more in the summer and a crossbody bag is the kind of bag we need during this time. Crossbody bags aren’t as big as a tote bag but it has enough space and compartments you’ll need when you’re out and about, walking and enjoying the summer festivities. Plus, it’s not really recommendable to wear a large or a heavy bag while you’re walking all the time cause it would be too much of a hassle. Most crossbody bags are lightweight as well so you can definitely move freely and be comfortable at the same time.


The Classic Bag

You can never go wrong with a classic. It’s always nice to have a classic black bag that you can reserve for special occasions or date night. It’s a statement piece which makes you look more elegant and sophisticated.