5 Chic and Budget Friendly Stores You Need To Check Out

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I believe that each one of us has their own unique sense of style. Each one of us can be fashionable if we chose to. Most girls would tell me that they work on a tight budget and shopping for clothes isn’t their priority. This is mainly the reason why I wrote a couple of posts here on my blog about improving one’s style: from budget-friendly shopping tips to recreating looks from your own wardrobe. This time around, I want to share where exactly I buy most of my clothes and why I love shopping at these places.

Personally, I think budget-friendly stores is very helpful especially when you’re just starting to improve or expand your style because the investment isn’t that high. Some girls take fashion as something that is out of their comfort zone and if you’re one of them, I want you to know that it is possible to improve and expand your style even with a tight budget.

Forever 21/ Forever 21 Plus

I’m pretty sure every one of you has already heard of Forever 21 and probably bought at least a single item from this store. There was a time when Forever 21 was my only option when buying clothes. Forever 21 has everything you need from tops, dresses, skirts and even accessories. If you are the type of girl who follows trends, this shop should definitely be your go-to because they offer the trendiest clothes in town. I also love their selection for plus size girls because some stores offer very limited items. The only time I don’t like shopping at Forever 21 is maybe during the transitional period (summer to fall, winter to spring, etc.) It’s not entirely their fault. Canadian weather is too unpredictable and oftentimes, we start a new season either a little early or a little late. So whenever I go there to look for fall clothes in late August, I usually end up not buying anything because it’s still technically summer, even if the weather says otherwise.


I recently discovered Shein from bloggers I followed on Instagram. I decided to see what the hype is all about and lo and behold, I was amazed by the items that they offer for women in all sizes. I’m starting to have a thing with preppy fashion and for me, Shein is the best option for that. They have lots of unique styles that I haven’t seen yet on famous retail stores and the good news is, they sell it at a very affordable price. I even bought an eclectic shirt there for only $13! What I love the most about Shein is how specific they are when it comes to shipping my order. They really keep you on the loop as to what’s happening with your order which gives me an idea on when I should expect it. If this is the first time you’ve heard about this online shop and you look it up on the internet, you may notice a couple of mishaps from other customers. I think that this is pretty normal because, like any other online shops, Shein can be a hit or miss. There are a couple of items that I bought that were larger for my size but I have to blame a part of it on myself. I think the best way to be successful in shopping at Shein is to read the description and the size guide thoroughly, something that I didn’t bother to look at. I just assumed that knowing my regular retail size is enough. But even in retail stores, sizes can also differ.

Urban Behaviour

When I moved to Canada in 2015, Urban Behaviour was my go-to shop. The store offers clothes that truly fit my style and is a little cheaper than Forever 21. However, Urban Behaviour does not offer plus size clothing and I believe their larger size is Large so when I gained a lot of weight, I find it really hard to shop there. I also find that their clothes became so predictable through time and it just didn’t work out for me in the long run. Even though, I don’t shop for clothes there anymore, I still recommend for you girls to check it out because they have pretty good selections. I would still go there for shoes though. Actually, I would prefer buying a pair of shoes at UB than F21 especially when I’m really tight with my budget. I bought my first pair of winter shoes at the said store for only $10 and the quality is amazing. I bought it in 2016 and I was able to use it until winter last year (of course, I don’t use it now cause it’s already spring lol)

AMI ClubWear

I highly recommend AMI ClubWear especially when you are looking for party and costume dresses. I think their main demographic are millennials and Gen Z girls who are confident in wearing crop tops and bodycons. However, if you’re more of the conservative type, they also offer a couple of items which I think you’ll love. One thing I love the most about AMI ClubWear is their shoes which are way too cheap but still with quality. They always have a sale on their website and as of writing, they are currently doing a 60% off of all their items so now is the best time for you guys to check it out.


I, personally, haven’t bought anything from Boohoo for myself but I bought my bridesmaids dresses for our wedding. I only spent less than $200 for three dresses and I was so happy with on how it looked like when it got delivered. It truly looked exactly like it was on their website. I recommend Boohoo to girls who are into bohemian and sporty-chic fashion. Their wide selection of dresses is definitely one of their plus points and it only took me 3 weeks to receive the item.


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