Fun Activities To Do At Home + House Tour Ft. Peak 61

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I do believe that inner peace starts in your home. Sure, my 20 year old self won’t agree to this. In fact, I’ve never seen myself as a home buddy because I never stayed home for more than 24 hours back then. I used to go out with my friends after work and during the weekends. I can’t even think of a time where I spent a whole weekend at home in my early 20s lol. Now that I’m a little older, I realized that while going out is fun and all, it’s also important to spend some time at home with your family. I’m going to lie and say I don’t miss going out every night (sometimes I do but I don’t think I have the energy for that anymore lol) but I’ve also come up so many ways to spend time at home and actually enjoying it. 

First, I must say, the internet is my best friend. All the time. It’s because of this digital age I’ve discovered a lot of creative and fun indoor date ideas. It also helps that my husband is always up for it as he is a home buddy too. Once, we did a DIY Paint Nite. I bought some painting materials at the dollar store, he brought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and we chose an easy painting tutorial on Youtube. Were our paintings good? Perhaps not. But we surely enjoyed teasing each others work of art and competing with each others’ skills lol. 

There was also a time when we bought a few bottles of wine and did a little bit of wine tasting while listening to our favourite tunes (also more of MY favourite tunes). Then, we also had this idea of doing some sort of a raffle  but instead of listing names, we listed all the movies we wanted to watch. That kind of solved the argument of what movie should we pick and who’s going to be the one to sacrifice lol. I was the one who “picked” the movie and I ended up picking one of the movies he listed. I regretted that idea at first but I eventually enjoyed it. 

Now you might say, these are all indoor date ideas, what if you live alone? I spend a lot of time home alone as well and aside from the good old bubble bath, I also love sitting in front of the fireplace (especially when it’s cold) while doing online shopping and/or window shopping. Sometimes, I also like learning how to cook Filipino dishes and do a non-bake dessert. Mind you, it doesn’t happen all the time lol but I do it once in a while. 

I do agree that the house you’re living in doesn’t really matter as long as their compassion with the people you’re living with -- or if you live alone, what matters is your inner peace. But I also have to say that having a living in a house where everything’s great (the space, location and the view) isn’t bad either. As for me and my husband, we are not actively looking for a new place to stay at the moment but whenever I have the chance to visit a showhome, I go and grab that opportunity. Marketing Edmonton invited me to do a house tour at Peak 61’s Townhomes located at the South of Edmonton in Alberta and while I live 45 minutes away from the show home, I can say that it’s all worth it. It has everything I like in a house. An open concept, a large patio, full laundry rooms, high ceiling, a large ensuite and so much more. I highly recommend visiting their homes if you’re a homebuyer from the city, looking for a house in Edmonton or just simply like going to show homes because it’s definitely a must see. 

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I hope I’ve given you’ve learned a few ideas in this blog post and I hope you also enjoyed the mini house tour. PS. if you know other fun activities to do at home that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know in the comments! Your suggestions are always appreciated :)