I Followed Makeup Tutorials In Youtube Using Morphe's 60 Shades Of Slay

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Hello girls! I’m here to share with you my experience in following some Youtube vloggers’ makeup tutorials using Morphe’s 60 Shades Of Slay. Just a heads up-- I’m not a makeup expert. If you’re here to discover new things about makeup then you’re definitely in the wrong place. But if you’re a makeup novice who tried following several makeup tutorials in the past and feel like giving up then I should say… keep reading.

For the longest time, I have accepted the fact that applying eye makeup will always be my weakness. I always watch Jeffree Star and James Charles with full admiration because I can’t believe how talented they are in applying makeup. Makeup requires a lot of creativity and creating your own look seems to be very impossible for me. Apart from that, I’ve watched tons of makeup tutorials in the past but I can’t execute any of those videos properly in real life. I knew what was lacking though.. I didn’t have a lot of palettes to play with. I’m not also the type of person who splurge on makeup products so long story short, I usually stick to my basic makeup routine and left the more complicated ones to the experts.

That’s why when I found out that Morphe’s selling 60 Shades Of Slay on their website, I thought this could be my chance to improve my makeup skills. 60 Shades Of Slay consists of 2 artistry palettes: the 35M Boss Mood and the 25D Oh Boy. It only cost me CAD$27 (plus GST and shipping fee) and it was delivered to my house in less than a week.

Upon receiving the product, I can definitely say that Morphe tried their very best to make sure I got the product safe and sound. Each of the palettes were packed separately and were covered in bubble wraps. As a makeup novice, my first reaction was “Great! I have lot of options now. But what’s next?” I didn’t know what to do with those palettes! So I did what most makeup beginners did… I logged into YouTube, watched a couple of videos and got ready. Of all the makeup tutorials I’ve watched… I found two videos which both looked creative and easy to do.


I saw Toni Swanks’ channel while looking for some makeup ideas using Morphe’s 35M Boss Mood Palette. Her channel consists of eye makeup tutorials using bold colors. When I saw her video on Youtube, I thought this is going to be really hard to follow however, I got really curious so I continued watching. I tried the same look she did on this video and here’s what happened:

followed makeup tutorials on youtube, youtube makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial using morphe palette, morphe 60 shades of slay review, morphe makeup product review

Tadaaa! :D

For a beginner, I must say my attempt was pretty close to the original. I mean, I definitely had all the colors as you can see in the above photo lol. But of course, I know it wasn’t perfect. I still need to master the art of blending, as well as the art of cutting the crease. I bought lots of brushes at Amazon so I really expected the blending would be a whole lot better but I want to believe that I’m off to a good start. As for the palette, Morphe’s 35M is highly pigmented so I didn’t have problems applying it to my face. The only problem I encountered was removing it. My crease were pretty stained and I needed to wash my face and use makeup remover twice for it to be totally removed.


Ceci Rosales is also a beauty vlogger who focuses on everyday makeup look. For this look, Ceci used the 25D Oh Boy palette which is a great option for everyday look since the colors on this palette are mostly neutral. I tried to follow Ceci’s video because this looks like something I can wear at work or basically anywhere.

followed makeup tutorials on youtube, youtube makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial using morphe palette, morphe 60 shades of slay review, morphe makeup product review

Okay so this look isn’t close to what Ceci did. The makeup look she posted on her video was simple but it was the blending of colors which made her eyes stood out… and as what I’ve said a while ago, blending is something I have yet to improve. Even though I failed to copy Ceci Rosales’ Halo Eyes look.. I still think that my makeup here wasn’t bad. I can still wear it to work because the colors are not overpowering. As for the 25D palette, I find this palette not as pigmented as the 35M but other than that I don’t really have any complaints.

In conclusion, I think that I made the right decision of buying Morphe’s 60 Shades of Slay because it helped me improve my eye makeup skills. I highly recommend 60 Shades Of Slay for girls who love makeup and for those who are beginners like me.

What do you think of these looks? Let me know in the comments below!


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