What's In My Bag? Spring/Summer Edition

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Spring is my favorite season and there are so many things I look forward to doing in the next few weeks. I look forward to walking more, I look forward to eating brunch or dinner on a patio and I look forward to an afternoon picnic in a park. Since I’m always out and about, I prefer carrying a small purse with me this season because I want to enjoy every spring and summer activity I would be attending, without limiting my movements or sacrificing my comfort. Today, I’m going to show you, what bag I’m currently using and some spring and summer essentials that I always bring with me.

The bag

whats in my bag, spring and summer essentials, whats in my bag this spring, whats in my bag this summer, spring essentials, things to bring on spring, things you need on spring

I am currently loving my new Envelope Rattan Bag from Cesca Handcrafted Styles. Cesca Handcrafted Styles is a Canadian brand that offers quality made crafted bags and accessories made by Indonesian and Filipino artisans. I love how lightweight this purse is and even though there are no pockets in this purse, it still has the right amount of space I need for a casual day. You can check out their website to see more of their products. You can also follow them on Instagram for more updates.

What’s in My Bag?

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses add style to your spring and summer outfit but most of all, it also protects your eyes from the sun. I like wearing sunglasses on the warmer season but my only issue is that I get tan easily. There are times when I would wear sunglasses all afternoon and the moment I remove it, I can easily see how uneven the tan on my face is. That’s why I try to wear sunglasses for probably only about an hour or two then I’d keep it away after.

2. NYX Powder Puff Lippie

I haven’t mentioned this before but aside from buying clothes, hoarding different shades of lippies is also one of my vices. I don’t go buy lippies as often but when I do, I do buy at least 3 lippies on either Sephora or at any drugstore’s cosmetic section. My current favorite this season, however, is NYX’s Powder Puff Lippe in the shade of Squad Goals (Tea Rose Pink). It’s highly pigmented and looks perfect for tan skinned girls like me. It’s also long lasting that’s why it’s my go-to lippie when I’m at work.

3. Sanitizer

I always bring a sanitizer with me, especially during Spring, because I interact with people almost everyday. This is the season where most people get sick and not that I’m being or fussy or what, but I do get sick easily. And when I get sick I have to call in sick for days. There are also days when I need to show up for work even though I’m sick and we all know that it’s not a good feeling. That’s why I take extra precaution during this season cause I want to prevent myself from all the hassle of being sick. Which brings me to my next point..

4. Medicine

When I worked at a liquor store years ago, my coworkers often ask me for meds. Someone even told me I was a living drugstore lol. I just really want to be prepared whenever something happens that’s why I always bring an Ibuprofen and Fisherman’s Friend with me.

5. Notebook and Pen

This isn’t really a necessity but it’s more of a “just in case” thing. I bring a small notebook and a pen with me cause you’ll never know what will happen. What if I thought of a great idea to blog? What if I need to write down an important detail or procedure for work? I know that this makes my bag a little heavier but I just feel empty without it.

6. Card Holder

It’s very rare for me to take out money as I don’t really bring cash with me on a regular basis. It’s not a practice I would recommend especially when you’re trying to save but if you’re only going to work or in a place where you don’t need to spend a lot, I think it’s okay to just bring your cards. My card holder includes my debit card, credit cards, IDs just in case I need it. On days when we have to go to a food festival or expo however, I bring a coin purse with me because some stalls only accept cash.

How about you, what’s inside your bag? Do you have any essentials for the spring/summer season? Let me know in the comments below!




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