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I Tried Marc Jacobs' Lash Primer For The First Time And Here's What Happened


Have you guys ever tried using a lash primer? Well... I haven’t. At least, not until last week. I’m no make-up guru and I’m definitely not one of the girls who go above and beyond with make-up. However, I’m always down to try new products! I had this awesome opportunity to try Marc Jacobs’ newest product, the Velvet Epic Lash Primer, through Influenster Canada. They just launched it last week and lucky for you, you get to have a sneak peek on how it works and how it looks like when applied to your lashes!



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Breaking Fashion Rules This Winter With Pastel Colors

Growing up and being a plus size, there are a lot of rules I am supposed to follow when it comes to wearing pastel clothes. Every article I’ve read told me to stay away from pastels or lighter colors as they’ll make me look bigger. Sure, there are some articles that “allow” plus size women to wear pastels but there are still restrictions on how we should wear it. As I get more confident about my body and my personal style, I have learned that these rules are kind of.. superficial. Who makes these rules anyway? Who said we should follow all these fashion rules? Time has changed and girls can now wear anything they want to wear. And I’m here to break a lot of fashion rules: to wear pastels regardless of my size and to wear them in January, yep, in winter.



Your Love Language And How Does it Strengthen Your Relationships

Guys.. can you believe it’s already February? Time does go by fast when you’re having fun! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for us to celebrate love and relationships through our love language. I’m not just talking about romantic relationships. Although a lot of couples may benefit on this blog post, I don’t want to limit this to only one relationship status. I want to share with you the importance of knowing your love language and how it helped me in expressing my love towards my partner and the people around me.



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Achieve Fresh, Clearer Skin With Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Serum

When it comes to skincare, I am the type of person who sticks to a product that works for me. Funny thing was nothing really works out for my skin type. That’s why I am glad to have discovered Juice Beauty! It helps my face get its proper moisture while clearing and reducing my breakouts. Unlike any other conventional and natural beauty products, Juice Beauty don’t use harmful ingredients so the results are not only clinically-validated, but the results can also be seen after a few days!